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Our listing of Famous Artists contains images and biographies of artists ranging from DaVinci to Monet to Picasso to Warhol.

Individual artists can take part in the American Center for Artists' Artist Listings. The listings contain biographies, exhibition lists, and other information about the creators and their creations. In order to take part in our artist listings, an artist must submit the Artist Listing Form. Artists may edit an existing listing to keep us up to date on their careers. The listing database can be viewed here: Artist Listings.

Our photography resource spotlight is on a free information centre for people working with alternative photography or processes. 

The gallery spotlight hails two exceptional art institutions The Upstairs Gallery, Arlington, Tx and Gallery Soco,.Austin, Tx.

The web resources section contains links to other excellent art sites on the internet.


Our Featured Artists are Walter Feldman,  Jules White William St. George.