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by Helene Cardona

A shaft of light

Smile behind the lips,

her face a sunflower

in a garden of trees.

The eyes of the seagull open,

choose your beach.

Tears caught in the throat,

Stand in mountain pose,

breathe the flame of the ghost,

a shift in reality.

I lost my mind,

hanging in the void.

A voice enters,

A shaft of light,

God's finger in the shallows,

consoling my inner weather.


Oh but to get a glimpse of Aphrodite

And be touched by her grace,

To see the beauty in all things,

To forgive all and myself

And surrender, surrender, surrender.

Oh but to get another chance at love,

For I worshipped Athena and I followed Artemis.

Here, taste the pomegranate from Cyprus,

Dive into the ocean,

Have your heart broken.

Consider this,

To be lucky, to be fortunate, to be grateful,

Consider this, is to be alive,

For it is the greatest gift,

And it is given with death.

See, I pay with my mother's death

For the price of my dreams,

As I now dream the world into being,

As I now dream new memories,

As I now dream myself into love falling into you.

Oh but to let Aphrodite guide you to the great spirit,

Who says again and again and again,

The mountains am I, the rivers am I,

The wind, the sand and the rain am I,

The moon, the sun and the stars am I.

See, her voice will not be silenced,

For it is the most formidable,

And it echoes the voices of all the ones you loved.

See, it is her privilege to serve you,

For life seeks beauty and complexity.

Will you perceive with the eyes of the heart,

Will you become the serpent,

Will you heed the call of the jaguar,

Listen to the hummingbird and track the condor?

Let the wheel of time absorb you,

There is no end and no beginning.

Have your heart broken.